The return of SECTOR91

Welcome back to (a temporary placeholder for) SECTOR91!

Most people who end up at this blog have probably never heard of SECTOR91 before. SECTOR91 was my personal website several years ago, which I had been saying for years that I would revive but never did. Originally, it was a game site, where I uploaded Java applet games that I wrote. Since then, I’ve become more interested in writing libraries than writing games, and my current library projects haven’t been complete enough to warrant having their own website for a long time.

I’m in the process of finishing some of my larger projects, and I plan to put them up on my GitHub once they’re in a halfway usable state. Once I have a project or two to feature on the site, I’ll work on getting the real SECTOR91 website back online. Until then, this blog is the official home of SECTOR91. I’ll post about the development status of some of my projects here, as well as my experiences/opinions on software development in general.


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